The use of SOA technologies to re-focus and re-use technology resources has found immediate application in the fast-moving worlds of financial services and telecoms. Both are heavily reliant on technology. Both are fast-moving with changing product lines, marketing strategies and business models.
Time-to-market is critical for such clients and this is where SOA has scored heavily.

Financial services - why SOA?
Today, financial services are facing fierce competition. The market is consolidating with decreasing asset values and reduced margins. In order to differentiate from their competitor, they need to propose better services, better offering and product cross-selling.

By streamlining their business process and improve process efficiency.

Solution provided
Accelior's SOA architecture integrates all participants from different channels (internal employees, vendors, brokers, suppliers) who can take part to the end-to-end business processes across the extended enterprise.

This end-to-end lifecycle automation platform provides a clear view of any activity from quoting to contract execution, however complex a transaction may be.
Accelior's SOA/BPM based solutions automates the generation of key documents such as offers, orders and contracts, and generates bar codes to easily track documents through the operation lifecycle.

  • Process execution time cut from days to hours
  • Support for e-Business trading partners (brokers, vendors, re-financers, suppliers)
  • Increases contract volume management capacity with existing resources
  • Provides a real-time 360 degree view of the business operations (Business Activity Monitoring)
  • Generates documents with bar codes for automated tracking
  • Creates business agility through central management of enterprise operation processes
  • Creates new product offering quickly