ING Lease goes live with SOA / BPM leasing automation
(19 September 2005)

for the first time, a leasing company will fully deploy an SOA / BPM solution that can manage the end-to-end business process, integrating participants from internal employees to external trading partners (vendors, brokers etc.)
SOA - Service Oriented Architecture - promotes the idea of platform-independent business services, where the underlying technology can range from Java, .NET to Cobol.

Service Oriented Architecture is a complex environment but Accelior houses under one roof a collection of specialists with mastery over a wide range of leading edge technologies used in today's fast-moving corporate world:
  • BPEL
  • BPMN
  • Web Services
  • EJB/J2EE
  • EAI
  • Business Modeling, Processes, and Rules
The basis for any Service Orientation and Service Oriented Architecture starts with businesses process. A service is simply a business task. To successfully gain IT flexibility and solve real business problems - such as increasing customer service, integrating with business partners, or gaining a unified view of the customer base, just to name a few - a strong and tight link between business and IT is essential.

By managing business processes through a Service Oriented Architecture, companies add flexibility to their operations and align more closely business and IT.

SOA uses flexible connections with well defined, standards-based interfaces to help companies build flexibility into their existing infrastructure. SOA services can be re-used extensively regardless of whether they are new services or existing IT assets.