Accelior Consulting: the leading-edge technology experts

Accelior's expertise in Business Process Management and Service Oriented Architecture can be the key to matching your company's IT resources with your business goals and retain for you that competitive edge.
Accelior wins Oracle Innovation Award for its WPM (Work Process Manager) solution based on Service-Orientated Architecture and business process automation (BPEL)

“A TRUE Innovation is One that Makes Business Smarter”
The OPN innovation award has been introduced by Oracle to encourage and reward proven or successful innovations by members of the Oracle PartnerNetwork, where initiatives using Oracle's products and technology are applied to create value for the customer and generate new business potential.
Accelior designs and integrates technology solutions, manages innovation, and can transforms the clients' technical infrastructure.
At one level it focuses on system architecture, integration and infrastructure.
At another level it will upgrade and transform the corporate IT systems to directly tie into the clients' organisational and strategic priorities.

Through a skilled combination of the leading technologies, Service Orient Architecture and Business Process Management, Accelior is able to provide unbeatable short time-to-market solutions which maximise the client's business potential.

These services are available to the local technology facilities of large organisations. We support the internal capabilities of IT departments by providing top level experts across a range of technologies to provide the necessary support.
We don't learn on the job. We hit the ground running and get you up and running in the shortest possible timeframe.