Accelior Consulting: the leading-edge technology experts

Accelior's expertise in Business Process Management and Service Oriented Architecture can be the key to matching your company's IT resources with your business goals and retain for you that competitive edge.
Accelior wins Oracle Innovation Award for its WPM (Work Process Manager) solution based on Service-Orientated Architecture and business process automation (BPEL)

“A TRUE Innovation is One that Makes Business Smarter”
The OPN innovation award has been introduced by Oracle to encourage and reward proven or successful innovations by members of the Oracle PartnerNetwork, where initiatives using Oracle's products and technology are applied to create value for the customer and generate new business potential.
Accelior represents a unique brand of IT consultants who are able to transform your IT resources to match the business goals of your organisation.

Rather than kick out the old and bring in the new - at great risk and cost - we analyse your existing IT environment, and set about re-integrating them to seamlessly support the front-end business objectives of your enterprise.

We offer value-added consulting which will boost the economic performance of an organisation through the appropriate application of the IT resources it already possesses. Where gaps are found, we have the capability to develop and integrate whatever is required.

Being able to match the back office to the front office requires a team of specialists with an in-depth knowledge of client industries and processes.

We have high-level specialists in business process management and in the individual leading edge technologies.

We are thus able to look holistically at our client's organisation and the market in which it operates, to determine both short-term and long-term strategies for growth.

We are able to work with both the 'business end' of the organisation and with the IT support functions.

Through our collaborative approach with the client at all levels, we are able to create a joint vision of the business and re-tailor the company's IT resources for maximum synergy with the business goals.