Interview : "A word from Accelior's Solution Architects "
We call it "adaptive application" - our ability to merge existing resources into a new strategic business approach.
Accelior wins Oracle Innovation Award for its WPM (Work Process Manager) solution based on Service-Orientated Architecture and Business Process Automation (BPEL)

“A TRUE Innovation is One that Makes Business Smarter”
Based in the heart of Europe, Belgium, Accelior is rapidly expanding and currently has offices in Luxembourg and Shanghai.
Accelior represents a multidisciplinary team of specialists covering all aspects of company operations, from business processes to IT.
We are specialised in SOA - Service Oriented Architecture , widely recognised as the most productive technology approach in modern enterprise system architecture.

At the heart of Accelior is a team of experienced developers. Each is specialised in a particular technology or business process.

A unique team in many respects, it brings together a broad knowledge of both technology and business and can bridge the gap between the world of IT and the world of business management.

Our specialists have a thorough and in-depth knowledge of today's industry standards, business process management, and leading edge technologies sucha as xml, web services, bpel, rich internet applications, java among others -.

As a result we can deliver solutions for complex corporate problems both quickly and efficiently.

We are not about boiler-plate solutions. We look at what you have got and where you want to go in business terms, and use our skills to marry the two.

Importantly, whatever the solutions we propose, our developers hit the ground running. They don't have to learn new technologies or processes. For particularly specialist expertise, they call in another member of the team to contribute his experience and knowledge.

We are as comfortable talking with the business development department as with IT staff. We don't go in for clever jargon but offer a business-like approach to manipulating an organisation's IT resources to best achieve the corporate and business objectives.